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Boom Pow Shampoo 500ml

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"Dan dan" means "strong and hard" in Korean, describing this strengthening shampoo that helps restore, maintain and balance healthy scalp and hair with mildly acidic formula.

-Milk protein has a high content of essential fatty acids and 52% of hydrophilic amino acids, so it boasts the best effect.
-Aquaporin is a membrane protein that exists in the cell membrane and creates a direct water channel for extracellular water molecules to enter the cell.
-For pH balance, it is a weakly acidic product corresponding to pH5~pH5.2, helping to maintain a healthy scalp.
-Free of 5 Additives: Parabens, CMIT/MIT, sulfate-based surfactants, animal ingredients, silicone

1. After wetting the scalp and hair with lukewarm water, take an appropriate amount on the palm of your hand and make bubbles.
2. Apply moderate pressure to wet scalp and hair, massage evenly, and rinse thoroughly.

Tocoperyl Acetape
-Vitamin E derivative

-Vitamin B5 Precursor

Niacin Amide
-Vitamin B3 Complex

Sodium Asco Bate
-Vitamin C derivative

Vita Fruit Complex
-Essential vitamins for scalp and hair

Mineral Complex
-The compound is involved in the energy metabolism of the skin, and for healthy scalp and hair.

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