Mediterranean Whole Grain Protein Shake (50g x7)

$24.00 $25.00
A protein shake made of 9 kinds of whole grains and 100% vegetable based protein for a savory, balanced meal.

- This protein shake is created with 9 kinds of whole grains that help to create a balanced, savory meal when consumed.

- This product contains 18g of plant protein and provides the body with 12g of dietary fiber.

- This protein shake is filled with isolated pea protein, oat protein, and rice protein to help achieve nutritional balance.

- This product is made by combining excellent ingredients to create a cleaner, healthier protein shake compared to others on the market.

Mix water or your favorite milk into the bag. Shake or stir to mix and drink.

Plant-Based Protein

- Plant-based protein helps to provide the body with nutrients, fiber, and antioxidants that improve the body's overall health and protect against heart disease.

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