Cool Relief Scalp Tonic 130ml

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A must have item for quick and easy scalp care that instantly relieves heat and dryness of the scalp.

- This product is an anti-hair loss tonic that provides the scalp with rich nourishment for the scalp and hair roots to stay healthy.

- This scalp tonic helps to relieve the scalp with its cooling properties and creates a healthy scalp environment.

- This product has a fresh herbal scent that removes unpleasant odors and covers the scalp with a refreshing fragrance.

- This scalp tonic creates a healthy oil-moisture balance on the scalp without sending the scalp into overproduction mode when it comes to oil.

  1. Shake the product sufficiently before use and then apply the spray tip to the scalp evenly over the entire scalp or trouble areas.
  2. After spraying, press and massage the scalp with your fingers to gently absorb it.


- Menthol is a vasodilator that helps to boost blood circulation in the scalp and increase hair growth.
- Menthol has cooling properties that help to lower the temperature of the scalp and leave the scalp feeling refreshed.

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