Priming Essence; Radiance Layer 30ml

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Priming essence that reinforces a weakened moisture barrier to protect skin and prevent water loss in the skin.

- Lightweight transparent gel type that quickly absorbs into the skin.

- A 2-1 hybrid primer-essence.

- Cactus-derived ceramides provide 24 hour long-lasting moisturizing effects.

- Moisture barrier enhancement for dry, weakened skin.

- Gentle primer with skincare ingredients for sensitive skin.

- Improves skin texture and prolongs makeup wear.

  1. Use the Priming Essence as the last step of your skincare routine.
    Let other products fully absorb before applying the Priming Essence.
    *We recommend using other skin care products in a little less amount than regular use
  2. Apply a few drops onto the face and gently pat until fully absorbed.

- With no makeup, this product serves as a skincare product to moisturize and improve skin texture.
- As a primer, this product coats the skin surface with moisturizing ingredients to help makeup adhere well onto the skin and prolong the wear.

Cactus-Derived Ceramides

- Cactus-Derived Ceramides provide the skin with long-lasting moisturizing effects that last up to 24 hours.
- Cactus-Derived Ceramides improve the skin's elasticity and reinforce the barrier to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.
- The Cactus-Derived Ceramides of the product create a protective barrier on the skin to prevent inflammation and irritation from external stimuli.

Cactus Extract

- Cactus Extract is rich in linolieic acid, which helps to breakdown accumulation of dead skin cells and excess sebum.
- The hydrating properties of Cactus Extract provide the skin with deep hydration while the occlusive properties lock in moisture when this product is applied.
- The soothing properties of Cactus Extract allow for the calming of irritated, sensitive skin and decreasing of inflammation.

Liquid Crystal

- Liquid Crystal is a plant-based cholesterol, chemically similar to the components that make up the skin barrier.
- Liquid Crystal is micro-encapsulated to preserve active ingredients in their optimal condition and prevent the loss of their effectiveness.
- The colors of Liquid Crystal reflect ambient lights and not artificially colored.

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