Nacific Salicylic Acid Clarifying Mask Pack 1ea

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A sheet mask that helps to treat recurring breakouts on your skin before it is too late.

- This sheet mask is soothing and strengthens the skin barrier, which helps to keep breakouts under control.

- This product clears away dead skin cells on the skin surface and helps to remove dirt and sebum in pores.

- This sheet mask moisturizes dry skin and keeps the skin healthy and nourished when used.

- This product brightens the skin and reduces wrinkles by improving the skin’s elasticity and radiance.

  1. After cleansing, gently place the sheet mask on the skin, following the facial contour.
  2. Leave for 15–20 min then slowly remove the mask starting from the edges.
  3. Lightly pat the remaining essence until absorbed.

Salicylic Acid

- Salicylic Acid reduces acne by exfoliating the skin and keeping the pores clear.


- BHA removes blackheads with fat-soluble materials to create a smooth skin surface.

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