SKEDERM Lifting Patch Cica 5ea

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A set of lifting patches that help to shape the chin area while lifting and defining the lower part of the face by stimulating the reduction of fat deposits and fine lines along the application area.

- This set of lifting patches give your jaw and neckline a lift.
- This product effectively helps to shape the line of the user's face.
- This set of lifting patches is created using a premium lifting fabric patch that provides firm adhesion to your face line, to result in a maximum uplift.
- This product provides moisturizing and cooling effects on your skin and contains centella asiatica to soothe the skin.

1. Open the pouch and remove the transparent film.
2. Pull and stretch both ends of the band, align it with the center of the chin, and hang it on both ears.
3. Press lightly along the jawline so that the contents adhere well.
4. After wearing it for about 31 minutes, remove the band.

Centella Asiatica

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