Berry Good Vibes Perfume Cream (15ml * 3ea)

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A set of creams that prove that upcycling is cool! Made of strawberry stems, this hydrating, anti-aging set of creams create "berry" good vibes with their amazing fragrances that even Mother Earth approves of.

- This set of creams consists of 3 creams that can be used for the face, hands, and body.
- This product has a long lasting fragrance allowing the user to leave the bottle of perfume for another day.
- This set of creams are made of strawberry stems, which help to provide the skin with deep hydration and soften the skin.
- This product consists of the following fragraces :
Lucid Earth
: A fragrance inspired by sunlight radiating on the earth for a earthy, vanilla scent.
Lucky Dew
: A fragrance inspired by the scent of earth after rain to create an earthy scent with a hint of berry.
Lolly Rose
: A fragrance inspired rose in the dewy morning with a fresh finish.

Apply onto the hands, face, or other areas that need hydration and anti-aging effects.

- Ceramides help to lock in hydration in the skin by strengthening the skin barrier and preventing the evaporation of moisture on the skin.
- Ceramides calm skin irritation and create youthful-looking skin.

Shea Butter
- Shea Butter relieves dry skin by moisturizing and nourishing the skin along with softening skin that has become rough due to external factors.

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