Vegan Butter Balm Set [SKZ Member Photo Cards + OT8 Postcard included]

$99.00 $110.00
A set of limited edition vegan butter balms which contain plant-derived oils and shea butter to moisturize dry skin.

- This set easy to use perfume balms are convenient to carry.
- This product comes in 8 different scents to help make your daily life special with a new scent each day of the week.
- This set is made of butter balms that are created using plant-derived oils and butter ingredients quickly moisturize dry skin.
- This product has a light and silky texture that provides moisture to the skin and a subtle scent.

  1. Rub an appropriate amount using your fingertips and gently spread it over your hands.

Shea Butter

- Shea Butter relieves dry skin by moisturizing and nourishing the skin along with softening skin that has become rough due to external factors.

Sunflower Seed Oil

- Sunflower Seed Oil has antioxidizing properties that help to prevent premature signs of aging by protecting the skin from sun damage and fighting off harmful free radicals.

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