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Bedtime Routine Set

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Say goodnight to dull, dry skin and say good morning to hydrated, glowing skin! This set is your ultimate beauty sleep in a box.

Adoreblanc Rose Blooming Night Mask
- A perfect overnight treatment mask infused with fresh damask rose energy that soothes and nourishes skin, elevating refreshment to the next level.

Bonajour EGF Wrinkle Eraser Eye Cream
- Formulated with volufiline and EGF, this anti-aging cream reverses the clock for your skin by erasing the wrinkles and fine lines already on your face

House of Dohwa Rice Bran Toner 500ml
- The formula rich in nutrients strengthens the moisture barrier by supplying hydration to dry skin.

The Potions Retinol Serum 30ml
- This retinol-powered formulation instantly brightens and targets dark spots, discoloration and pigmentation to awaken a fresher, more younger look.

Adoreblanc Rose Blooming Night Mask

1. At the final step of your skincare routine, apply it on face and neck with fingertips.
2. Wash off with lukewarm water the next morning.
3. It can be used after or in place of your moisturizer or night cream.

Bonajour EGF Wrinkle Eraser Eye Cream

1. Squeeze a small amount onto your fingertip.
2. Apply on areas with wrinkles and pat lightly for absorption.

House of Dohwa Rice Bran Toner 500ml

After washing your face, apply an even amount of the toner to a cotton pad before your skin dries up, and smooth out onto your skin softly


As a facial mask: damp a few cotton pads with the toner, and use the pads on troubled areas of your skin as a sheet mask
As a toner wash: mix water and the toner with a 8:2 ratio to wash your face
As a mist: pour some toner into an empty bottle, and use as a mist

The Potions Retinol Serum 30ml

1. After cleansing and toning, apply 1 to 2 drops of the product onto the entire face.
2. Gently pat for an optimal absorption.

Tips: Mix with 'The Potions Activator' for an enhanced results.

- Retinol visibly reduces wrinkles and fine lines, firms skin, reduces the look of pores and promotes more even tone and texture.

9 kinds of native rice bran extract
- Harvested without pesticides, chemical fertilizers, and vinyl, the extracts of 9 kinds of domestically produced rice bran provide white and soft moisturizing feeling to the skin. Rice bran extract contains high-quality protein, dietary fiber and nutrients that provide rich moisturization.

Highly Concentrated EGF
- Highly Concentrated EGF enhances skin regeneration by boosting skin cell turnover which helps to reduce signs of aging.

Bulgarian Damask Rose Water
- With its excellent moisturizing capabilities, Bulgarian damask rose water soothes sensitive skin without irritation and provides relaxation to exhausted skin with unique, subtle fragrance.

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