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Bifida Biome Essence 50ml

Lactobacillus fermentation essence strengthens skin's barrier and protects against environmental aggressors for a healthier skin.

- This product is a skin-strengthening essence that helps to improve the skin barrier.

- This essence contains highly concentrated lactic acid bacteria which helps to protect and soothe the skin.

- This essence provides all-in-one care for brightening and wrinkle improvement, which creates healthy, youthful-looking skin.

- This product helps to protect the skin against photodamage from the sun and provides the skin with anti-aging effects.

  1. After using a toner, gently apply an appropriate amount to the face until absorbed.

Bifida Fermentation Lysate

- Bifida Fermentation Lysate helps to relieve dry, tight skin by balancing the microbiomes on the skin along with providing the skin with deep hydration.

- Bifida Fermentation Lysate increases the elasticity of the skin and minimizes wrinkles by providing the skin with deep hydration and boosting cell turnover.

- Bifida Fermentation Lysate reduces the appearance of redness on the skin and irritation.

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