BT21 Minini Decorative Sticker 1 set

$3.33 $4.00
A set of colorful BT21 stickers to decorate your journal or laptop with cute, little BT21 characters!

- This set of stickers has a BT21 claw machine design, making this the perfect addition to your sticker or BT21 merch collection!

- This product is easy to peel from the sheet and stick onto surfaces easily and smoothly, making it great for decorating.

- This set of stickers has a unique design and can be applied to any surface, allowing the user to decorate their favorite objects with BT21 characters.

- This product consists of small stickers of the BT21 characters, making it ideal for journals and other school supplies.

  1. Peel the sticker from the sheet.
  2. Stick the sticker on the desired surface.

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