Daddy Touch Pumpkin Bubble Bath 500g
Daddy Touch Pumpkin Bubble Bath 500g
Daddy Touch Pumpkin Bubble Bath 500g
Daddy Touch Pumpkin Bubble Bath 500g
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    Daddy Touch Pumpkin Bubble Bath 500g

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    A bubble bath made of naturally derived surfactants and sweet pumpkin powder for the whole family to enjoy without skin irritation.

    - Made from plant-based oil with coconut-derived surfactant, this product is harmless and child friendly, and softens and moisturizes dry skin in transitional seasons.

    - Officially vegan-certified by a Korean vegan certification institute, the product is made of clean and high-quality ingredients.

    - This bath bomb instantly creates sparkling bubbles as blue as the sea that last longer than most bathbombs to give you a relaxing, luxurious experience. With bubbles like naturally bubbling hot springs, not only is it fun but also helps promote blood circulation and soften your skin!

    - All products are packed hygienically and separately to prevent microbial contamination as well as for your convenience when storing away.

    1. 1. Fill your tub with warm water that is comfortable to the touch.
      2. Make sure to not fill the tub with water to the top so that you do not lose your beautiful bath bomb water when you get in.
      3. Drop in the bath bomb and enjoy the show! Make sure to soak in each special part of the bath bomb, whether it be the fragrance, bubbles, colors, or even sparkles!
      4. Take time to enjoy and embrace the inner child in you.
      5. Rinse with lukewarm water after the bath.

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