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Finish Up BB Cream 30ml
Finish Up BB Cream 30ml

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Finish Up BB Cream 30ml

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Cakey looking BB cream is a thing of the past! Get natural-looking complete coverage without clumping or darkened spots.

- This serum mist is formulated with rose oil that instantly hydrates, nourishes and soothes skin without a greasy finish.

- The mist spray contains a subtle rose fragrance that provides a pleasing and relaxing experience, just like an escape from reality.

- The two potent phases is created with a golden ratio of oil to water to help balance out the skin condition and to give thirsty skin exactly what it needs.

- The fine-mist particles quenches the skin with instant hydration and delivers an natural-looking glow to makeup wearers and non-makeup wearers alike.

1. Cleanse the skin and apply serums or moisturizers as usual.

2. Squeeze a small amount of product on fingers or sponge to be applied onto the face.

3. Gently apply and cover the whole face.

4. Apply foundation or concealer for more coverage.

Centella Asiatica Extract

- Centella Asiatica Extract helps soothe and calm sensitized skin from external aggressors.