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Help Me Honey C-Pad 60ea

$19.00 $22.00
An easy-to-use brightening and moisturizing pad that can be used daily for glowing skin.

- This pad helps to brighten and moisturize the skin using ingredients that prevent moisture evaporation.

- This product is created with a complex that creates brightened, smoother skin.

- This pad is the best-selling product of the "Help Me Dacto Pad" Series.

- This product is created with all EWG Green Grade ingredients to be gentle on the skin when used.

  1. Wipe off whole face softly with embossing side to remove dead skin cells, sebum, and wastes inside pores.
  2. Wipe off exfoliating area such as nose and chin with a gauze side to remove old dead skin cells.
  3. Tap on the skin lightly to absorb remaining toner.


- Propolis extract helps strengthen the skin barrier, calm skin and replenish lost energy.

Orange Fruit Extract

- Orange Fruit Extract has antioxidant properties to help protect the skin from photo-aging and improve pigmentation.

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