Hyper-Fit Color Serum 20ml
Hyper-Fit Color Serum 20ml
Hyper-Fit Color Serum 20ml
Hyper-Fit Color Serum 20ml
Hyper-Fit Color Serum 20ml
Hyper-Fit Color Serum 20ml
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    Hyper-Fit Color Serum 20ml

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    This water-based serum blush will help create a healthy, youthful glow by adding life and brightness to dull skin.
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    - This product provides the skin with high levels of hydration and keeps the skin moisturized by being made with a formula that is 50% essence.

    - This product revitalizes the skin with a watercolor effect.

    - The fineness of the hues can be adjusted by layering the product 2-3 times.

    - This serum applies on the skin thinly and translucently without adding too much pigmentation to the skin.

    My Besties : A Lively Orange Coral inspired by fun nights out with friends.
    Meaning Out : A Vibrant Rose Coral inspired by the empowered self-confidence that blooms from within.
    Pit-A-Pat : A Pure Pink inspired by the small things in life that make us smile.
    After Squat : A Brilliant Red inspired by the moments of self-care.

    1. Please shake well before use and start with a very small amount.
    2. After the last step of skincare or base makeup, dispense a very small amount on the back of your hand.
    3. Apply it to apples of cheeks and evenly blend by patting gently.
    4. Special tip - Layering the color serum 2 to 3 times creates a gorgeous, vibrant look.
    5. Mix and match shades to create your own signature color.
    6. Can be used on cheeks and lips.

    Succinic Acid

    - Succinic Acid has natural exfoliating properties to help get rid of dead skin cells and unclog pores.
    - Succinic Acid reduces the oil levels of the skin to help keep a healthy moisture-oil balance.
    - Succinic Acid is great for reversing visible signs of aging and soothing irritated skin.

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