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Audrey & Young

I Like Red Sweetone Serum 30ml

$28.00 $32.00

An ultra-moisturizing water serum packed with fruit extracts that brightens, soothes, and relieves a look of dull, brittle complexion.

- The nonagressive formula with no artificial color or fragrance enhances skin vitality without causing irritation.

- This serum offers nutrient-rich hydration to deliver refreshing, clean finish without leaving skin sticky or greasy.

- This product is vegan certified by PETA, an animal protection group, which is given to companies which do not conduct testing on animals or uses any animal ingredients, artificial color, or synthetic perfume.

- The serum's subacid formula with pH 4.5 balances and gives a healthy, youthful glow to skin.

- This product brightens up your skin without the risk of irritation or blemishes, making it ideal for sensitive skin.

  1. After toner, use AM and PM.
  2. Apply an ample amount to skin.
  3. Gently pat for full absorption.

    *This product is mechanized and injected in a quantitative manner during the production process.


- Sweetone is a concentrate of active molecules that result from the enzymatic hydrolysis of the dried and defatted berries, acting as an anti-redness, anti-inflammatory and soothing active.

- Sweetone is delivered more effectively to skin layer by fermented pesticide-free fruits of Schisandra chinensis that are harmless to a human body, providing organic moisturizing elements, and freeze-drying to prevent the destruction of active ingredients from heat.

- Sweetone modulates inflammation and slows the proliferation of endothelial cells, helping to reduce skin imperfections such as redness.

Whitening red fruits complex

- Red Fruits Complex consists of red-colored fruits such as berries which are effective in protecting and strengthening skin.

- Red Fruits Complex has anti-radical and anti-aging properties that fights against free radicals and signs of aging for a healthier-, younger-looking complexion.

Vitamin complex

- Vitamin Complex reduces skin inflammation, redness, dryness and acne, increasing overall skin cell production, thereby healing wounds or scars faster.

*The above information is limited to the raw material characteristics.

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