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Audrey & Young

I Like Red Sweetone Serum Mask

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A nutrition-filled sheet mask with fruit-extracted vitamins that offers ultimate hydration and nutrients to dull skin.
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- The organic fruit of schisandra chinensis helps reduce the amount of melanin to deliever the effects on the skin more effectively.

- The formula contains a lot of bamboo fiber blend with hydrophilic features which nourishes the skin, and includes red sweetone that enhances a brightening effect even for more sensitive skin.

-The watery texture of the formula nestles in the soft sheet and immediately quenches the skin.

  1.  After cleansing, tone your skin texture with toner.
  2. Take the sheet out and spread onto your face.
  3. After 10~20 minutes, remove the sheet and gently pat the essence residue onto your skin for better absorption.

Red Sweetone

- Delivers more effectively on the skin by fermenting pesticide-free fruits of schisandra chinensis that are harmless to the human body, putting organic moisture elements, and freezes- drying to prevent the destruction of active ingredients by heat.

Red Fruits Complex

- Due to their red pigments, share a great concentration of nutrients protecting the skin. Their vitamins only add to their anti-radical properties, which also gives them an anti-dullness and anti-ageing action.

Vitamin Complex

- Reduces skin inflammation, redness, dryness as well as acne. It improves skin cell reproduction, thereby healing skin issues faster.

*The above information is limited to the raw material characteristics.

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