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June Boom Box

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A box full of goodies to help you get in the mood for summer. Get ready to have a hot girl summer with us! ūüĆě

**Limited to 1 per customer**

What's in the box?

Skybottle: Hair & Body Mist (Random) x1

- A refreshing mist featuring long-wearing scent that quickly absorbs and moisturizes skin and hair.

The Potions: Acne Face & Body Wash x1

- The Potions' mission to fight acne has expanded: we are following you into the shower! A hypoallergenic face & body wash with pH 6.00 full of our favorite, MVP anti-acne ingredients such as Green Calming Complex, tea tree leaf extract and salicylic acid 0.2%.

House of Dohwa : Rice Bran Toner (Mini) 30ml x1

- A moisturizing toner with rice bran that incredibly hydrates, vitalizes and evens out the rough, sensitive skin.

The Potions : Cica Complex Cream Mixer 50g x1

- A nourishing, soothing cream moisturizer to care for, and strengthen sensitive skin powered by CICA complex.

Coréelle : Spa Facial Bunny Headband x1

- A versatile spa headband perfect for everything from cleansing to putting on makeup, and everything else in between.

Korean Snacks : [Crown] Sweet & Sour Chewy Candy(Lemonade) x1

- A soft and chewy candy that bursts with a sour lemonade flavour! It's packaged individually, so it's good to carry one or two and eat it easily. Enjoy it anytime and anywhere you want!

House of Dohwa : Rice Bran Sheet Mask x1

- The House of Dohwa Rice bran sheet mask, wraps rich rice bran extract onto the skin with 100% cotton sheets, drenching the skin with full nutrition.

Nacific : Nacific Herb Retinol Relief Mask Pack x1

- A retinol-infused retinol that relieves the skin and firms loose skin to help maintain the skin’s elasticity.

Ongredients : Houttuynia Cordata 95% Mask x1

- A moisture-charged sheet mask packed with houttuynia cordata extract that helps maintain and restore the natural oil-moisture balance of skin.

Nacific : Nacific Salicylic Acid Clarifying Mask Pack x1

- A sheet mask that helps to treat recurring breakouts on your skin before it is too late.

Mellow Touch : Curly Hair Essence Balm 15ml x5

- An essence balm full of nutritions for the hair that leaves curls perfectly detangled, defined, and full of life, and enables quick and heat-protected styling.

Please check the product pages for details.

Please check the product pages for details.

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