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Milky Piggy Hell-Pore Clean Up Mask 100ml

$19.00 $21.00
A detoxifying peel-off pore mask with charcoal powder that draws out impurities, blackheads, and dead skin cells from pores, while minimizing the appearance of stretched pores.

- Charcoal 4% ingredient is excellent for skin sebum absorption.

- Product effects are individual differences. Charcoal 4% ingredient is excellent for skin sebum absorption, Exfoliate and excellent pore-care products.

- Peel-off type mask finish that instantly lifts away dull, tired skin. It is available in the morning or evening.

After cleansing, use steam to wet or sheet to open your pores and apply mask to your nose and around nose, then peel off slowly after 15 minutes and remove the sebum from nose surface.

Papaya enzyme

- Exfoliate the skin and remove skin impurities.

Charcoal powder

- Rejuvenating effect and control sebum.

Camellia Flower

- Pore care

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