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Soft, premium cotton pads made with 100% pure cotton to apply liquid skincare products.

- These two-sided, premium cotton pads with 100% pure cotton are suitable for sensitive skin.

- These pure cotton pads are made through Water Jet technology, which is a compression method using high water pressure to bind the cotton fibers together.

- These cotton pads do not leave any residue or lint after applying the products with it.

- These cotton pads are eco-friendly and skin-friendly, and do not cause irritation after use.

Use the Mesh Side to Tone Up Dark Spots

1. Pour a moderate amount of toner or cleansing water onto the mesh side.
2. Gently fit and rub the curved areas of your skin for effective exfoliation.

Use the Wavy Side for the Entire Face and Sensitive Areas

1. After cleansing, pour a moderate amount of toner or serum.
2. Gently sweep over entire face for product absorption and hydration.

100% Environmentally Friendly Cotton

- Cultivated from clean cotton farms in Italy.

- Does not cause skin irritation and can be used by people of all skin types.

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