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Style Gravity Wax 100ml

$24.00 $25.00
Style Gravity Wax 100ml

- This style gravity wax is made using red mangrove callus culture extract to provide hair with antioxidants, which improves hair elasticity and health.

- The formula contains natural plant extracts to reduce irritation to the scalp and hair.

- The texture has an excellent spreadability and covers hair without clumping, which does not leave a sticky residue on hands after application.

- Woody-Musk scented.

  1. Take a small amount and warm it up in hands.
  2. Coat hair with a thin layer of the product.
  3. Style hair as pleased.

Candelilla Wax

- Creates protective barrier, preventing the loss of moisture from hair.

- Adds shine to hair, giving it a healthy, silky look.

Argan Oil

- Provides hydration and nourishment to hair.

- Supplements hair with vitamin E & antioxidants to repair damaged hair.

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