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Vegan Box (Vegan Products 50% off)

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"Coréelle vegan Box" is a collection of skincare products that are essential for healthy skin. Start a healthy skin care routine in your daily life with "Coréelle vegan Box".

Microbiome Cleansing Foam 120ml

- Slightly acidic cleanser protects skin barrier and safe for a sensitive skin.

Rice Bran Toner 500ml

- The formula rich in nutrients strengthens the moisture barrier by supplying hydration to dry skin.

Green Tea Water Bomb Cream 100ml

- Green Tea Water Balm is slightly acidic with pH of 6.4. (However, there may be a difference of ± 0.5 depending on manufacturing.)

I Like Red Sweetone Serum Mask * 1ea

- The organic fruit of schisandra chinensis helps reduce the amount of melanin to deliever the effects on the skin more effectively.

I Like Cica Biome Serum Mask * 1ea

- Probiotics + Prebiotic + Boosting effects maximizes the effects of of microbiome to care for healthy skin.

Vegan Lip Care Balm #00 Blanc

- Aloe is an effective softener with moisturizing and flexible properties and helps softens lips.

  1. 1. Cleanly remove skin impurities with a gel cleanser.
  2. 2. After cleansing, wipe the entire face with a toner except for the eyes.
  3. 3. Apply cream to toner-treated skin for absorption.
  4. 4. Use a mask pack if you feel dry after cream.


- Kills harmful bacteria and increase beneficial bacteria inside the skin.

9 kinds of native rice bran extract: Katuri Chalk, Gwolnado, Silk Chalk, Nami, Danduna, Korean Don Glutinous Rice, Red Tea Narak, Sukna, Heukgang

- Harvested without pesticides, chemical fertilizers, and vinyl, the extracts of 9 kinds of domestically produced rice bran provide white and soft moisturizing feeling to the skin. Rice bran extract contains high-quality protein, dietary fiber and nutrients that provide rich moisturization.

Vegetable Squalane

- Locks in moisture to the skin and prevents evaporation.

Red Sweetone

- Delivers more effectively on the skin by fermenting pesticide-free fruits of schisandra chinensis that are harmless to the human body, putting organic moisture elements, and freezes- drying to prevent the destruction of active ingredients by heat.

Cica Biome

- The fermentation solubiliity of bifidabacterium and centella asiatica extract is combined to help maintain healthy skin strengthen the skin barrier.

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