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Vegan Tone-up Cream 50ml

$9.99 $30.00
A vegan tone-up cream infused with clean, patented ingredients, that visibly brightens, blurs, and evens out skin complexion.

- This complexion booster provides smooth application, leaving brightened complexion and glossy finish.

- Leaving no residue on a mask, this product is recommended to use alone for a natural look.

- VEGAN CERTIFIED by France Vegan Certification Agency EVE. (Both ingredients and packages) (Ingredients listed below is restricted to ingredient features.)

After skincare, gently apply onto the face for instant brightness.

Korean Rice (Ha-dong Rice)

- Ha-dong Rice, known to have been cooked as a King’s meal in Korea, is highly effective in brighening, evening out dull, brittle skin tone.


- Artemisia helps calm and soothe redness on skin, while healing acne and breakouts.

- Artemisia is packed with Vitamin A, which is great for skin renewal and regeneraion, and Vitamin C, which is effective in skin brightening and protection.

- Artemisia has anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and antimicrobial substances that are beneficial for skin improvement.

Gynostemma Pentaphyllum

- Gynostemma Pentaphyllm leaf contains 82 types of gypenosides that show the potential benefits in reducing dermal cell aging.

- Gynostemma Pentaphyllm is effective in brightening the skin.

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