Wake Up with Me Set

All in one set to simplify your morning routine for a brighter, smoother and healthier skin.

CHASIN RABBITS Mindful Bubble Cleanser 200ml
- An all-in-one vegan bubble cleanser with activated charcoal powder that offers a head-to-toe clearing and purifying experience, helping to focus on one's cleansing ritual for perfect balance of body and mind.

Mixsoon Centella Asiatica Toner 300ml
-A cica-infused toner that soothes and calms skin irritated from everyday stresses.

Bonajour Green Tea Water Bomb Cream 100ml
- A moisturizing cream enriched with green tea extract that deeply hydrates, keeping skin healthy and moisturized.

Bonajour Daily Mild Sun Perfect Shield 35ml
- A non-nano, all-natural sunscreen with SPF33/PA++ that completely blocks UV rays all day, everyday.

CHASIN RABBITS Mindful Bubble Cleanser 200ml

1. Shake well before use until activated charcoal powder is mixed.
2. Pour a moderate amount onto hand.
3. Add water and rub to form bubbles.
4. Gently massage onto face and body.
5. Rinse thoroughly.

Tip: Carry some in a small container to use as a go-to hand wash.

Mixsoon Centella Asiatica Toner 300ml

1. After cleansing, pour a moderate amount onto a cotton pad.
2. Gently sweep across the entire face several times.
3. Lightly pat with fingertips until fully absorbed.

Tip: Soak a few cotton pads with the product, and place them on the troubled areas of skin to use as a sheet mask.

Bonajour Green Tea Water Bomb Cream 100ml

1. Take an appropriate amount and apply to the skin.
2. Apply to the skin, spread gently and tap in for faster absorption.
3. Apply thinly in the morning, and layer ample amounts before bedtime to use like a overnight mask. Add one or two drops of jojoba oil for dry skin.

Bonajour Daily Mild Sun Perfect Shield 35ml

Apply an appropriate amount to the skin at the end of the basic skin routine.

* May use like a makeup base because it shows natural tone-up effect.

Activated Charcoal Powderxtract
- Activated Charcoal Powder effectively helps draw and absorb excess sebum and impurities clogged inside pores for a cleaner, smoother complexion.

Centella Asiatica Extract
- Centella Asiatica Extract is effective in soothing, moisturizing, and alleviating skin damage, dark spots, hyperpigmentation and redness of skin.

Camellia Sinensis Leaf Extract
- Skin astringent and moisturizer

Belgium Spa onsen-Sui
- Ultraviolet barrier that covers your skin surface, perfect for sensitive and trouble skin.

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