CHOKCHOK means moist and is used to describe supple, hydrated skin in Korea. The transitional season is stirring up winds, which means more attention is needed to our drier complexion. This CHOKCHOK curation has the best of Coréelle to instantly replenish your skin with moisture. CHOPCHOP and get your CHOKCHOK!


Peach Blossom Overnight Mask 50ml

$43.00 $34.99

The Radiance Replenish Set

$63.99 $46.50

THE REAL Noni Moisture Balancing Toner 150ml

$28.00 $26.00

Rice Bran Toner 500ml

$47.00 $37.00

Rice Bran Facial Moisturizer 50ml

$43.00 $39.99

Hydrator; Hyaluronic Acid Ampoule

$15.99 $11.99

Therapy Air Mask 20ml

$3.00 $2.00

Softener; Jojoba Oil Serum

$15.99 $11.99

Deep Hydration Trio

$47.99 $32.00

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