KAINE was created with coexistence and sustainability in mind. As a 100% vegan brand that is suitable for all lifestyles, KAINE selects natural vegan ingredients that have proven stability and are effective for the skin with the perfect formulation.

Refresh your skin and mind with KAINE.


Rosemary Relief Gel Cleanser 150ml

$15.00 $14.00

Green Fit Pro Sun 55ml

$22.00 $18.00

Chaga Collagen Charging Serum 30ml

$22.00 $19.00

Vita Drop Serum 30ml

$25.00 $23.00

Green Calm Aqua Cream 70ml

$23.00 $19.00

Kombu Balancing Ampoule Toner 150ml

$20.00 $18.00

Vegan Collagen Youth Cream 50ml

$27.00 $25.00

Rosemary AHA Night Serum

$22.00 $16.50

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