With its name rooting from “organic, original, one” and “ingredients”, Ongredients is dedicated to establishing a clean, sustainable beauty brand with genuine, high quality and natural ingredients. Ongredients focuses on enhancing true beauty in everyone, while protecting earth through using 100% eco-friendly, organic ingredients and recyclable packaging.

Ongredients (24)

Slow Aging Cream

$29.00 $26.00

Centella Asiatica 95% Sheet Mask

$2.99 $1.50

Anti-Wrinkle Essence

$35.00 $31.00

Deep Calming Cream

$29.00 $26.00

Jeju Green Tea Cleansing Ball

$23.00 $18.00

Houttuynia Cordata 95% Mask 1ea

$4.50 $2.50

Moisture Calming Cica Essence

$35.00 $31.00

Aqua Keeping Cream

$29.00 $26.00

Skin Barrier Calming Lotion (80ml / 220ml)

$14.00 $11.50

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