House of Dohwa is an all-natural, vegan, clean beauty brand aiming to reintroduce Korea’s traditional skin-care methods to the world. The main ingredient is rice bran extract, domestically harvested from Korean rice, preserved for over hundreds of years.

House of Dohwa (25)

Thrice the Rice Kit

$117.98 $89.99

Wash Off Mask Pack (Pick TWO!)


Rice Bran Sheet Mask 1ea

$4.50 $2.50

Rice Bran Facial Moisturizer 50ml


Rice Bran Toner 500ml

$48.99 $39.99

Peach Blossom Overnight Mask 50ml

$48.99 $34.99

Rice Bran Powder Wash 60g

$32.00 $26.99

Rice Wash Off Facial Mask


House of Dohwa Sun screen 50ml

$32.00 $28.99

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