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I really like this. It is easy to use. You don't need much. I put it in my handbag and add a bit of water and use it either with my fingers or a facial brush of some sort. It goes on easy and washes off well, doesn't cause redness and leaves you with a baby soft face. The texture is like a slightly coarse powder. There is no strong smell. Recommend even for older skin. I'm 58.
Tania F.
Been shopping here for 4-5 times and I'm so glad that Coréelle sells Nacific products so I could also buy the ATEEZ collab! The shipment was pretty fast and came right before the expected date!! I'm so happy to have my 8 pretty boys now🤍 Can't wait for the other chapters in the future!
Amino R.
This is an amazing product! My skin felt refreshed using the balms. The scent smells really nice and not chemically at all!! Plus the packaging is pleasing to the eyes and comfortable to hold. I have a skin type of both oily and dry and the balms are really Hydrating.
First time trying brow lamination at home and it was so easy! I was hesitant because I have dry sensitive skin and also get eczema around the eyes but this was gentle enough it did not irritate my skin at all. So far so good, going strong at 3 weeks and the perm is still holding.
Melati H.

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