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    Autumn Box

    $29.99 $139.37
    Boo! Get ready spooky season with us! It's October and we have a massive treat, but no tricks, for you. Check out our October Box full of exciting products to help you keep your glow.
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    What's in the box? :

    Muzigae Mansion (Choose Your Favorite Color) : Object Liquid 6ml (x1)

    - A vegan matte liquid tint with a matte finish that will transform your vibe and allow you to experience a new perception of yourself.

    The Potions : AHA&BHA Serum 30ml (x1)

    - An AHA & BHA serum that is created with just the right combination for your skin to be gentle on the skin that has been irritated by external factors throughout the day.

    The Potions : Azulene Ampoule (x1)

    - An Azulene ampoule to help calm irritated skin and strengthen the skin barrier from environmental aggressors.

    The Potions : Jojoba Oil Serum (x1)

    - A non-greasy Jojoba oil serum that relieves dryness and balance out oily skin.

    House of Dohwa : Pumpkin Wash Off Mask (x1)

    - Treat yourself AM and PM with this pumpkin wash-off facial mask made of clean, domestically harvested ingredients, conveniently packed in a simple pouch for compact yet multiple usages.

    House of Dohwa : Rice Bran Sheet Mask (x1)

    - The House of Dohwa Rice bran sheet mask, wraps rich rice bran extract onto the skin with 100% cotton sheets, drenching the skin with full nutrition.

    Nacific : Niacinamide Brightening Mask Pack (x1)

    - A sheet mask made of Niacinamide that brightens and supplies hydration to dry skin.

    Nacific : Salicylic Acid Clarifying Mask Pack (x1)

    - A sheet mask that helps to treat recurring breakouts on your skin before it is too late.

    KSECRET : Collagen Boosting Secret Sun Lotion 60ml (x1)

    - A chemical sunscreen made of hydrolyzed collagen with with 4 types UV filters.

    Please check the product pages for details.

    Please check the product pages for details.

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