Sheet Mask

No self-care session is complete without a sheet mask! Be sure to stock up on your favorite sheet masks and get ready for your next self care session.

Sheet Mask (79)

Wash Off Mask Pack (Pick TWO!)


Rice Bran Sheet Mask (1ea/10ea)

$4.50 $2.50

Anti-Aging Facial Mask Set

$26.98 $14.99

Minini Essence Sheet Mask 1ea

$4.00 $2.70

Acne & Sebum Controlling Facial Mask Set

$35.98 $19.99

Nacific Cica Tea Tree Relaxing Mask Pack 1ea

$3.00 $2.00

Hydrating & Revitalizing Facial Mask Set

$27.98 $9.99

House of Dohwa Sheet Mask Pouch 1ea

$3.00 $1.99

Centella Asiatica 95% Sheet Mask

$2.99 $1.50

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