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Aquatide Soothing & Lifting Mask

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The Aquatide Soothing & Lifting masks combine best-of-breed patent ingredients in maximum quantities, such as 4% of Aquatide 5000 which invigorates the skin’s natural energy, with ultra-fine luxurious microfibre sheets that maximize absorption.
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- The special formula is based on the mechanism of stimulating production of nutrients and energy demanded by skin itself.

- Aquatide 5000 4% delivers essential nutrients and long-lasting hydration to your skin.

- This luxurious microfibre sheet mask suitably fits and covers your face, allowing an ample amount of the Aquatide essence to gradually soak into your skin.

- The Aloe Extract inside the sheet mask nurtures and soothes exhausted, irritated skin from pollution.

1. Cleanse, then apply toner.

2. Open mask and apply onto face evenly.

3. Leave on for 10 to 15 minutes.

4. Remove and gently massage skin to absorb any remaining essence.

5. Discard after a single-use.

Aquatide 5000 (4%)

- Aquatide 5000 is developed based on the Autophagy mechanism. Autophagy is a mechanism that disassembles, synthesizes and recycles within cells (2016 Nobel Prize Winner).

- Aquatide itself is an award-winning ingredient, winning the In-Costmetics Asia Award and GrandPrix Award in 2016, and has been patented in 4 countries around the globe.

- Aquatide 5000’s core effect is anti-aging; it increases LC3-II production when Autophagy is activated and increases the autophagic structures inside the inner cells.

- Aquatide 5000 has antioxidant, anti-inflammatory properties that soothes and reduces irritaion in sensitive skin.

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