Achieve Your Skincare Resolutions with These Apps!

by Abby C. on January 04, 2023
Happy New Year! Have you set your skincare goals for this year? Many of our friends have told us some of their skincare goals for 2023, some of them being cleansing more (remember, we should always be double cleansing), wearing SPF daily, and adding active ingredients into their skincare routine. All that is great, but let’s talk about the elephant in the room. It is difficult to achieve resolutions of all kinds.

In today’s article, we will be sharing a method that can be applied to any skincare goal to help you achieve all your goals. We would like to share with you a secret that we have been keeping from you for years and that is the magic of apps. That’s right, using common apps like the calendar and alarm, you will be able to get the glowy, porcelain skin that you aim to get this year.

Don’t Be Alarmed, It’s Time to Do Your Skincare!

Starting with the alarm application on your phone, why not try adding the times that you want to do your skincare routine if there is something that you want to do daily? For example, you can set times for your AM and PM routines respectively on your phone.

One of the things that we cannot emphasize enough is the importance of cleansing. Daily cleansing should be done twice a day and you will not forget to do it if you add a cleansing session for the morning and another for the evening. A cleanser that we recommend that can be used during both the day and night is The Potions Cica Acne Gentle Facial Cleanser.
Wearing SPF before walking out the door every single day can be tough and it is another skincare goal that can be achieved by using the alarm app on your phone. Set an alarm for wearing SPF and even for reapplication if needed. Try using PH Hubby's 1g Sun Cream Intensive Protection [1g*50ea Stick type], which is already perfectly measured out and convenient to take around for reapplication when you are on the go!

Calendaring is For Meetings… And Skincare Too!

Due to COVID, we have learned to become more savvy using our favorite calendar applications.We like to integrate skincare with our favorite calendar apps for important “events” like when we used active ingredients and keeping track of when we started a new bottle (which we hope to empty).

Keeping track of active ingredients is important because there are some ingredients that cannot be mixed with other certain ingredients and some that we need to keep track of how many times a week it is being used. Add the active ingredients as “events” to keep track of what you use and plan out your routine. Retinol should not be mixed with AHAs should not be used together as they both exfoliate the outer layer of the skin and when used together, they can exfoliate too much. Both are amazing for anti-aging but these two superstars should not be sharing the spotlight on the same night. If you are looking for a gentle retinol serum to up your skincare game, try The Potions Retinol Serum.

Starting a new bottle is always fun, but you need to keep track of when it was first opened to make sure you are using the products safely. It is also a good way to keep the black hole drawer of forgotten products clean (or even nonexistent). Add the date when it was first opened to keep track of when your next empty is still in its tip top shape.

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