Bunnies, Pastel Colors, Cherry Blossoms… and Skincare!

by Abby C. on March 15, 2023
We told you to update your skincare for the cold weather and now since the warmer weather is here, we want you to update your skincare again. We have officially sprung into spring and it is not just the time for the flowers to bloom, but it is also time for your skincare to bloom into a trendy routine.

Here is a routine made up of our newest additions to help you jumpstart your skincare this spring.

1. Klavuu : Phytoncide Peeling Gel

As humidity increases with the warmer weather, exfoliation sessions can prove to be beneficial. Using a gentle chemical exfoliator can boost collagen production and getting rid of the dead skin cells can minimize clogged pores. Our pick is the Phytoncide Peeling Gel from Klavuu for this spring, perfectly packaged in a tube with spring vibes.
2. Rovectin : Skin Essentials Conditioning Cleanser

With the weather getting warmer, it is more important to cleanse your skin to prevent the clogging of pores and other problems that can arise due to the sweat and excess oils. We would like to recommend the Rovectin Skin Essentials Conditioning Cleanser. This cleanser is gentle enough to minimize the damage that can be done to the skin due to cleansing by moisturizing the skin and helping the skin maintain the ideal oil-moisture balance.
3. Nacific : Fresh Herb Origin Toner

Toners help to get what cleansers may have left behind or may not have gotten to cleansing away. Toners are your cleanser’s best friends and they even prepare your skin for optimal absorption of the remaining products, making toners the quiet bestie in every friend group. A toner that cools the skin AND leaves behind a gorgeous glow? Count us in! The Nacific Fresh Herb Origin Toner does exactly that, allowing for you to glow this season too.
4. Mary&May : Idebenone+Blackberry Complex Serum

Using a serum helps us feel a little fancier and we totally deserve it. Make your routine fancy with our newest addition, Mary&May’s Idebenone+Blackberry Complex Serum. Created with all the antioxidants you need to keep your skin looking youthful and glowy, this serum is loaded with ingredients that your skin needs. As an added bonus, this serum really vibes with your favorite SPF product and will make sure to let it shine so that you can go out there and have fun in the sun.
5. The Potions : Gel Cream Mixer

We cannot stress this enough but once the weather gets warmer, we need to use a lighter moisturizer! While it is critical to use a heavy moisturizer during the winter months, a light moisturizer is what will do the trick during the spring. For this one, we chose our all-time favorite, The Potions Gel Cream Mixer! (Psst… it’s thin enough to not mess with your makeup!)

Ready to revamp your routine? Get all the products discussed in today’s article and more today at Coréelle.

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