Celebrate International Women’s Day With a Special Routine

by Abby C. on March 02, 2022

Annually on March 8, we celebrate the achievements of women in all fields. In honor of International Women’s Day next Tuesday, we would like to introduce a skincare routine inspired by some of our favorite ladies throughout history and celebrate their accomplishments!

The first Queen in the history of Korea, Queen Seondeok, was known for her extraordinary intelligence, wisdom, and, of course, beauty. She built the first astronomical observatory in East Asia and established strong domestic policies to help the kingdom thrive under her reign. During this time, rice water was a popular method of cleansing as it created brighter, softer skin. House of Dohwa just launched the Rice Bran Powder Wash, which will leave your skin soft and clean.

Cleopatra was a powerful leader during her reign.She built Egypt’s economy by building savvy alliances and creating strong trade relations with Arabia. When we think of Cleopatra, we think of the kohl used for her iconic eyeliner. However, did you know that the Queen of the Nile enjoyed bathing in milk? Lactic acid in milk exfoliates the skin, which helps to rejuvenate and brighten the skin. We recommend using Blithe’s Patting Splash Mask : Energy Yellow Citrus & Honey, which contains lactic acid, to get the bright, rejuvenated skin that Cleopatra would approve of.

Amelia Earhart was the first woman to fly alone across the Atlantic and beat many aviation records, making this brave aviator one of the most celebrated pilots ever. We celebrate not only her life and career, but also Amelia’s courage and determination. Despite all the difficulties she faced, she always made sure to look fabulous! Spot cream was something she applied to help brighten freckled areas on her skin. SKIN1004 Madagascar Centella Spot Cream does just that and more for all the areas on your skin that need a little help.

Overcoming her early image as a “dumb blonde”, Marilyn Monroe proved to the world that she was brilliant and challenged Hollywood with her outspoken advocacy for equality. Monroe’s love for petroleum jelly has lasted decades with slugging being a huge part of the skincare community today (read more about slugging here). Her porcelain skin was achieved with the addition of petroleum jelly as the final step to her nighttime routine. We recommend using The Potions Aqua Gel Cream Mixer as a lightweight moisturizer before adding your favorite petroleum jelly on top and prevent leaving a trail on your pillowcase throughout the night.

Breakfast at Tiffany’s and Roman Holiday are classic films that never seem to go out of style. Audrey Hepbur’s legacy lives on today, not only in films but her contributions to humanity are still applauded. The “acme of classic beauty” religiously applied SPF products before going anywhere, which is why we recommend the Rose Blooming Tone-Up Sun Block from AdoreBlanc to protect your skin and look fabulous on all your adventures.

Women have come a long way throughout history but have never forgotten to look stunning while changing the world. We are surrounded by amazing women, all of whom deserve recognition. Show your appreciation with a gift from Coréelle to help them show off their beauty inside and out.


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