Dark Circles Are Just for Pandas!

by Abby C. on October 12, 2022
Did you know panda bears have different pupils compared to other bears in the wild. Similar to domestic cats, the pupils of pandas are vertical slits, making them different from their counterparts. However, what makes the eyes of pandas more prominent looking, and cute, has got to be the dark circles around their eyes. On humans? Not so much.

Dark circles can be caused by a long list of reasons from an irregular lifestyle to poor sleeping patterns. For some, it is due to genetics, making dark circles almost inevitable. We say almost because here at Coréelle, we understand what you are suffering from if you are one of the many who are concerned about the dark areas under your eyes.

In this very special post, we will talk about our favorite products that help us to keep our dark circles under control.

1. Adoreblanc Rose Blooming Night Mask

The Rose Blooming Night Mask is a steady selling favorite of our Coréelle community and it is no brainer as to why those who buy it keep coming back for more! Formulated with damask rose, the Adoreblanc Rose Blooming Night Mask is what one needs in order to keep their anti-aging regime in check and effective.
2. The Potions Retinol Serum

After using The Potions Retinol Serum, our entire community stood up to give it a standing ovation. The Potions Retinol Serum is formulated to be gentle to be used during the nighttime or the daytime, making it different from other retinol serums. Best of all, it does not cause a turnover for the skin, making it the retinol serum for anyone looking for an active ingredient addition.
3. Bonajour Rose Stem Cell Ampoule

The Rose Stem Cell Ampoule from Bonajour will have you understand the hype behind it from those who have already fallen in love with this amazing product. This ampoule is the powerhouse for anti-aging and brightening, making it the proper ampoule to use for keeping your dark circles in check.
4. House of Dohwa Rice Wash Off Mask

A common comment that we receive regarding this product is the heavenly scent of a familiar cereal product that we all grew up eating on Saturday mornings. The House of Dohwa Rice Wash Off Mask is the perfect product for brightening the skin, which is an important part of keeping dark circles under control.
5. Lala Recipe Heart Goggle Brightening Mask

Lala Recipe creates some of the coolests facial sheet masks and the Heart Goggle Brightening Mask is no different. This product was designed with the purpose of brightening the area around the eyes, making it the perfect solution to dark circles.

Dark circles? No problem. Get all the products discussed in today’s article and more at Coréelle!

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