Fill Your Day… Every Day with Haruharu Wonder!

by Abby C. on November 02, 2022
Haruharu means every day in Korean. Haruharu Wonder offers simple solutions for daily skincare routines that allows one to experience “Wonder” from their skincare routine. As a brand, Haruharu Wonder is on a mission to become a global clean beauty brand by offering high quality products made using innovative technology to skincare routines worldwide. In honor of the launching of Haruharu Wonder on Coréelle, we would like to introduce to you a skincare routine inspired by the most popular products from Haruharu Wonder.

Black Rice Soft Peeling Gel

This exfoliating gel is created with a gentle formula and creates brighter, more even looking skin when used.
Black Rice Hyaluronic Toner

Get light and refreshing hydration with this toner made with black rice and hyaluronic acid to give a boost of hydration and alleviate tightness of the inner layers of the skin.
Black Rice Serum

Get a boost of hydration and the protection your skin needs from drying factors with this rice serum.
Black Rice Bakuchiol Eye Cream

Created with two trusted ingredients, black rice and bakuchiol, you can be assured this eye cream has your back for all the signs of aging.
Black Rice Hyaluronic Cream

This cream locks in all the good stuff while inhibiting oxidation with its highly antioxidant properties.

Get Haruharu Wonder and more today at Coréelle!

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