Get ready to be covered in Rubelli from head to toe!

by Abby C. on June 28, 2023
Rubelli is created with the message of bringing out the natural beauty of one’s unique appearance using cosmetic products that will help the user do just that. With this in mind, Rubelli allows you to calm, moisturize, and lift... all in the comforts of your own home.

Rubelli Beauty Face Premium

This set of sheet masks and elastic band can be used by simply attaching the elastic and smoothing the face care mask sheet to your chin at home.
Rubelli Toe Socks Foot Pack

Like a sheet mask for your foot! Keep your little piggies in check and soft with this set of foot packs that is worn like socks to get rid of dead skin cells and moisturize your feet.
Rubelli Melting Hydrogel Mask

This sheet mask delivers real results by adhering tightly to the skin, melting and being absorbed. This product allows for the skin to feel a cooling effect, making it the perfect product for hot summer days.

Rubelli is now available at Coréelle. Be sure to get the products discussed in today’s article and more.


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