Have no fear! Bifida Ferment Lysate is here!

by Abby C. on October 05, 2022
Across the world, many are worried about their sensitive skin. But what if there is an ingredient that can solve this problem? What if there is a single ingredient that will help to eliminate the stress that comes from having sensitive skin?

Bifida Ferment Lysate is your answer! Derived from a specific type of yeast from the fermentation of Bifida, a probiotic, it has been found that this ingredient can be used to help the skin become less sensitive to external aggravating factors by strengthening the skin’s microbiome. By strengthening the skin’s microbiome, the skin repairs itself and looks healthier than it did before usage.

Sounds amazing, right? Try it for yourself and experience the benefits of Bifida today! We have curated only the best products that KBeauty has to offer, made using Bifida! Read on and take advantage of these great deals.
1. Mixsoon - Bifida Toner

This toner, from the trusted Mixsoon, will help to strengthen your skin and maintain a healthy protective barrier for a healthy-looking complexion.
2. TOCOBO - Bifida Biome Essence 50ml

Remember when skin essences were a thing? Here is a reminder that it is not a thing of the past! Tocobo’s Bifida Biome Essence strengthens the skin barrier and protects against environmental aggressors to create healthier skin.
3. Manyo Factory - Bifida Biome Complex Ampoule 50ml

Another trusted brand, Manyo Factory’s Bifida Biome Complex Ampoule fortifies the skin barrier by plumping and nourishing the skin for long-lasting hydration.
 4. Mixsoon - Bifida Mask Pack 1ea

Mixsoon knows exactly what they are doing with Bifida, because we are in love with their Bifida masks! Build up the skin barrier and boost the skin's elasticity with one single sheet mask.

Did you like what was discussed today? Get them today and more at Coréelle!

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