Ingredients you HAVE to keep your eye out for in 2023

by Abby C. on January 25, 2023
In case you have not heard yet, gorgeous, gorgeous girls are predicted to spend more time focusing on building their skin barriers during the year of the rabbit. Gorgeous, gorgeous girls don’t gatekeep, which is why we want to give you the tea on what ingredients you need to keep your eye out for this year.

Ceramides are lipids that make up the natural skin barrier. Ceramides act as a glue that hold skin cells in place and keep the skin barrier healthy, which in turn will help retain moisture and keep out irritating elements from the outside world. It’s not wonderful, it’s waterful! Toun28’s Waterful Lotion (Ceramide + Antarcticine) is full of ceramides to strengthen your skin barrier.
Hyaluronic Acid
Hyaluronic acid boosts regeneration of the lipids in the skin barrier, which help to retain the moisture more effectively. Hyaluronic acid also helps to protect the skin from harmful free radicals and irritating elements. Try Haruharu Wonder’s Black Rice Hyaluronic Cream to keep your skin barrier in check and protect your skin.
Panthenol enhances the repair of the skin barrier and reduces inflammation when used topically. Celimax’s Dual Barrier Creamy Toner was designed to do just that and helps to repair skin barrier that has been damaged from excessive exfoliation and over usage of active ingredients (that’s right, a pea-sized amount is enough). Leave bad habits behind in 2022 and start the year new.
Probiotics are not just great for your gut health, but your skin health too! Probiotics help to boost the skin’s products of ceramides and restore oxidative stress on the skin, which help to build the skin barrier and reduce acne outbreaks. Add a drop or two of The Potions Probiotics Ampoule in your skincare routine to keep your skin barrier healthy (and prevent breakouts as a bonus).

Hop into the Year of the Rabbit with the trendiest skincare routine. Get all the products discussed in today’s article and more at Coréelle.


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