It’s Summer Everyday with shaishaishai!

by Abby C. on October 26, 2022
Summerphilia : the love of summer

With the concept of summerphilia in mind, shaishaishai was created to bring out the best of summer and summer vibes for all to enjoy throughout the year.

Today, we would like to introduce to you the products of shaishaishai that will have you showing off your glowy skin all year round.

Green Papaya pH Balanced Cleanser

Papaya is one of the trendiest ingredients at the moment and the Green Papaya pH Balanced Cleanser is the cleanser that will get your skin cleansed for the glowiest skin.
Lipsome Summer-Cell Serum

For those looking for a firming, anti-aging serum, the Liposome Summer-Cell Serum is the one. This serum has a creamy texture and is easily absorbed into the skin to tighten and firm saggy, aging skin.
Vino Rosé Anti-Aging Serum

For those looking for a hydrating, anti-aging serum, the Vino Rosé Anti-Aging Serum is the one. This serum will care for your skin texture and fight off pesky signs of aging by providing the skin with hydration.
Banana Conceal Eye Cream

Ladies, gents, and everyone else, this is the product that shaishaishai is known for. The Banana Conceal Eye Cream is the cream for everyone! Who said anti-aging skincare should begin when one begins to show signs of aging? The sun ages the skin, whether it is visible or not and this eye cream has a tone up feature too, which helps to cover up lines.
Enjoy the Sun UV Protection Cream SPF50 PA++++

Don’t forget to put on your SPF while you live your best life! This lightweight sunscreen is great at protecting and hydrating your skin when you go out and seize the day. A moisturizer and SPF product in one! How convenient!

Don’t be “shaishaishai” about your skin anymore! Live out your best life with glowy skin and enjoy each moment to the fullest. Get shaishaishai and more today at Coréelle.

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