Keep Calm and Choose P.CALM

by Abby C. on June 14, 2023
P.CALM aims to innovate the skin with various concerns. P.CALM believes that it is not about the percentages of the ingredients, but it should be about the root of the problem instead.P.CALM develops effective products that help to solve your skin problems and help to put a smile on your face whenever you look in the mirror.

Barrier_cycle Toner

Create micro-oxygenating bubbles by shaking this toner and enhance the effects. Regulating oil production and removing bacteria that may cause acne and cica in the formula promotes recovery of the skin’s moisture barrier. This toner boasts of a high repurchase rate, but see for yourself and be amazed.

Water Barrier Sun Cream

Skip the morning skincare routine and moisturize your skin while giving the protection your skin needs from the sun. This sunscreen is easily absorbed by the skin in order to provide the skin with UV protection letting you have fun in the sun without stickiness or leaving behind a white cast.
Light Active Ampoule

This ampoule balances the skin microbiome to strengthen the skin barrier and regenerating ability of the skin. Breakouts are a thing of the past with this ampoule! Get intensive spot care with brightening ingredients to reduce hyperpigmentation without irritating the skin.

Remember to stay calm this summer and use P.CALM to make sure your skin stays calm too!

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