Mother’s Day Special Part 2 : Anti-Aging Skincare for Moms

by Subin Kim on April 27, 2022

We express love through different ways, as explored in the concept of “Love Languages”. Love languages determine how the person expresses or comprehends love, making it important for relationships of all kinds. One of the five basic love languages is gift giving. The gifts do not have to be luxurious or pricey, but what matters is the thought behind the gift that is being given.

If you think your mom’s love language is gift giving, we would like to introduce our Mother’s Day Kit fit for a queen! When it comes to anti-aging, the important key points to the routine are protecting, preventing and correcting. Our Mother’s Day Kit consists of everything your mom needs for the perfect routines for both AM and PM.

Huxley’s Cleansing Gel; Be Clean, Be Moist is a gentle, refreshing cleanser made with cactus extract. This product provides the skin with deep hydration and does not leave the skin feeling tight or dry, which is rare to find in a cleanser. Hydrating is important for the prevention of wrinkles, making this the perfect cleanser for any mom who needs to prevent wrinkles.

The Propolis Energy Toner from Bonajour is made with 80% propolis extract, which helps to strengthen the skin’s protective barrier. By strengthening the skin’s protective barrier, the skin feels more supple and soft, which helps to prevent signs of aging.

The Rice Bran Sheet Mask from House of Dohwa is what one needs to nourish the skin and provide the skin all the nourishment it needs to tackle signs of aging. Adding nourishment also helps to correct the areas with wrinkles and pigmentation, along with the prevention of new wrinkles. (We really like the way this sheet mask helps with anti-aging, which is why we have put in three sheet masks instead of one!)

Turn back the clock with a gentle retinol product! The Potions Retinol Serum is a great serum for moms! The Potions Retinol Serum is gentle enough to be used by people who are new to retinol. Retinol helps to boost the skin’s turnover time, as well as increase collagen production in the skin, making retinol the ideal ingredient for anti-aging.

Again, we cannot get enough nourishment for our skin when preventing wrinkles! House of Dohwa’s Rice Bran Facial Moisturizer adds more nourishment to the skin and makes sure all the goodness of each product stays on the skin by creating a protective barrier.

In the morning, it is always a good idea to wear an SPF product to top off any routine. Wearing SPF products will not only help to prevent signs of aging due to dermal photodamage, but it also helps to prevent skin cancer, making SPF products a must in all daytime skincare routines. Toun28’s B1 Sunscreen (HEV + UV Protector for Dry Skin) is perfect for dry, aging skin, by adding moisture to the skin while protecting against harmful UV rays that cause signs of aging.

Mother’s Day is just around the corner and this kit is perfect for any mom who is new to skincare or is a skincare guru! For certain, it is the perfect Mother’s Day gift for anyone who is looking for a gift that will help their mother’s skincare routine from start to finish. Get this kit today and more at Coréelle!


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