Mother’s Day Special Part 3 : Cruelty-Free and Vegan Skincare for Plant / Pet Moms

by Subin Kim on April 27, 2022

Recently, there has been a sudden rise in plant moms, making plant moms the new pet moms. We promised to honor all different moms and moms who love and care for their plants and pets are no different. No matter who calls you mama, we got you covered! That is why, as the final installment of our series, we will be introducing a cruelty-free, vegan skincare routine perfect for plant and pet moms.

Chasin Rabbits is a cult favorite for its amazing cruelty-free, vegan products. The Mindful Bubble Cleanser is all that one needs to thoroughly cleanse out the dirt and impurities that are on the skin. Formulated with a clean, gentle formula, you can be sure this cleanser will cleanse away everything without the harshness or tightness of other products.

Celliviate is a vegan, indie brand with a huge philosophy behind their products. Celliviate believes in bringing out the best in what is unseen by using only the best ingredients, establishing a transparent relationship with the consumers, and through sustainable social contribution. The Multicera Toner Lotion Set is a duo consisting of a toner and lotion that moisturizes and replenishes the skin without irritation.

There is one ampoule with incredible regenerating, anti-aging, and brightening properties to create beautiful, glowy skin. Bonajour’s Rose Stem Cell Ampoule smells wonderful and is created with stem cells from the rose to help brighten the skin and tighten pores to improve the appearance of the skin along with moisturizing properties to keep the skin glowy and healthy.

Don’t forget your lips! LUOES’ series of Vegan Lip Care Balm deeply moisturizes the skin and is created with all natural ingredients to be sustainable and gentle on the skin. This series of lip balm is not only great for moisturization, but it also effectively exfoliates the lips as well, to create plump, soft lips.

No matter what kind of mom you are, or if you’re looking for a gift this Mother’s Day, Coréelle has you covered. With an extensive collection of cruelty-free, vegan products and products perfect for mom this Mother’s Day, Coréelle is prepared for all that you need! Get yours today!


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