No Need to Book a Flight to Seoul... Check Out What's Trending Now!

by Abby C. on February 22, 2023
With Fashion Weeks opening across the globe, let’s celebrate one of the biggest, Milan Fashion Week, with a run down of the trendiest brands in Seoul right now.
Stray Kids is in and so is Nacific! Stray Kids is the official ambassador of Nacific. With such a long array of products, it may be difficult to decipher what the best product is. Why not try the Fresh Herb Origin Set, which will allow you to experience all the best sellers from Nacific. As an added bonus, get an exclusive Stray Kids photo booth photo set when you order from Coréelle!
Say “bonjour” to Bonajour! Once upon a time, a girl had no choice but to create her own cosmetics from nature due to skin sensitivity. She created her own formulas and went on to share them with the world, hence Bonajour was born! Believing in the power of nature, Bonajour searches endlessly for only the best natural ingredients to create a vast line of cosmetics. Experience nature with the Rose Stem Cell Ampoule from Bonajour today.
Chasin’ Rabbits
Chasin’ after the best is the philosophy behind Chasin’ Rabbits! Chasin’ Rabbits is created by third generation KBeauty experts who value the craftsmanship of resilient and sustainable products, methods, and beliefs that need to be passed onto the next generation. They are now one of the hottest selling brands all over Korea. Get the Good Day Mate Sunscreen and have fun in the sun with Chasin’ Rabbits.
Feev believes in the necessity for transcendental thinking for the new generation of skin care derived from the essence of your questions. Their line of cosmetics have chic designs and are of high quality to show that sometimes judging a book by its cover is a good idea. The Hyper-Fit Color Drop has a line of the cutest colors that one cannot resist!
House of Dohwa
As a brand that believes in bringing back the traditional secrets of Korean skincare, House of Dohwa is an all-natural, vegan, clean beauty brand aiming to reintroduce Korea’s traditional skin-care methods to the world. Try the Thrice the Rice Kit and experience only the best of traditional Korean skincare.

No need to book a flight to Seoul! Come check out Coréelle and experience the trendiest products in Korea.


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