One Moisture Sandwich with a Side of Lip Care, Please!

by Abby C. on September 08, 2022
The term “moisture sandwich” refers to the process of layering skincare products on top of one another. This helps to trap hydration and water in the skin, which prevents transepidermal water loss from occurring. By putting light, watery products on damp skin before adding your favorite thick creams helps to prevent water from escaping the skin, allowing to create hydrated, happy skin.

This latest trend leads to the question of what products to use for the purpose of creating a “moisture sandwich”. We are here to help by introducing our favorite products to use in order to create this “delicious” sandwich.

Get your skin ready by cleansing with your favorite cleanser. Keep in mind that for this routine, it is unadvised to exfoliate or add any steps that can be irritating to the skin. We would like to recommend Madagascar Ampoule Foam from SKIN1004 to cleanse the skin.
Use the Green Tea Water Bomb from Bonajour as the lightweight moisturizer to kickstart the creation of your sandwich. Make sure your skin is still a little damp for maximal results.
Follow up with a mask for your lips. Our favorite, obviously, is the Sleeping Lip Mask from Laneige. This mask hydrates the lips to create plump lips overnight like never before.

Add a gentle serum to maximize the results of this routine. Choose from one of The Potions ampoules, all designed to help with your skincare needs. Add a few drops of the Centella Asiatica ampoule if your skin needs to be soothed or Galactomyces if your skin is too dry. For those with oily or combo skin, add a couple drops of Mugwort and you are set.

As your final layer, use the Green Golden Ruler Cream to help lock everything in with a cream made with vegan, clean ingredients.

With the weather getting chillier, it is necessary to update your skincare routine and a moisture sandwich is what you need to get your skin ready for the autumn months. Get the products mentioned today and more from Coréelle!

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