Spring into Spring with TOCOBO

by Subin Kim on March 30, 2022
This spring, trust your intuition and follow where it guides you! TOCOBO’s products are created with the importance of the essentials and intuition in mind to create a line of vegan, cruelty-free products that only use EWG Green Grade ingredients.

TOCOBO is a derma cosmetics brand that creates their products with specific goals in mind while creating. TOCOBO’s products are specialized and created with the help of dermatologists to help with your skin concerns and improve the way your skin looks. In other words, the products all have specific functions and targets intended, unlike many of the skincare products out there that promise a long list of things, only to not do any of the things they said they would do.

Today, we would like to introduce to you a skincare routine for the spring featuring products from TOCOBO, that will help you greet the season with “soft, whimsical” skin fit for spring.

Out with the old and in with the new! Coconut Clay Cleansing Foam is just what one needs to clear the old dust and dead skin cells on your face in order to begin this spring with a fresh start! Made with pink mineral clay, you can be sure that this cleanser will get in there deep to help clean your pores.
Follow up with the AHA BHA Lemon Toner, which helps to soften and smooth your skin texture and brighten the skin. This toner is just what you need to create that bright, fresh look you need to add a little glow to your skin this spring.
Is the hype for skincare products containing fermented ingredients worth the hype? Find out for yourself with the Bifida Biome Essence. This essence contains bifida biome to help strengthen your skin barrier and lactobacillus to soothe your skin while creating a healthy balance to keep your skin from breaking out.
Formulated with ceramides, the Multi Ceramide Cream is the perfect finish to your newest spring skincare routine. This cream gently nourishes and moisturizes areas that many creams miss out on and creates a protective layer on your skin to help retain all the good stuff.

Although the routine is great on its own, adding a few of our favorite ampoules can really help to bring out their strengths. As we all know, The Potions has a wide range of ampoules to help customize your skincare routine. Why not add one of the following based on your skin concern?

For oily or acne-prone skin, we would like to recommend the Calamine ampoule. This ampoule helps to tackle breakouts and control the oil levels on the skin.
For skin that needs a little more hydration, bifida’s best friend, lactobacillus, is in The Potions Probiotics ampoule. The two have a synergic effect on the skin when used together to soothe and provide the skin with deep hydration.
For combination skin, we would like to recommend the Vitamin B12 ampoule. Not only is the pink color really calming to see, it calms the skin down as well and helps to decrease redness while improving skin texture.

In honor of launching, we are having a 10% off discount on all TOCOBO products, for a limited time only! Find out more about TOCOBO here and don’t forget to get yours today to help you begin your spring right!

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