Super Sales on Lip Products for National Lipstick Day

by Abby C. on July 28, 2021

Pucker up and get ready to kiss those days of dull lips goodbye! For just 48 hours only, we are running an exclusive sale on lip products! Find great deals on everything from moisturizing lip balm to stylish lipstick to help you complete your favorite look.

Who said that lip balm is only for nightly lip care? Two brands we have been obsessed with are Adoreblanc and LUOES. These lip balms add just enough color to bring out your natural lip color and a bit of shine to let you achieve that “No-Makeup” makeup look. They are long lasting too and stay on your lips for the entire day.

Adoreblanc abides by the philosophy of bringing out the best in natural beauty. Available in four gorgeous colors, tinted lip balms from Adoreblanc add a bit of color to the lips while deeply moisturizing them.

Feel exceptional moisturization for your lips from LUOES’ Vegan Lip Care Balm, made with only the cleanest local ingredients.

Perhaps you’re more of a lipstick person and want something bolder than lip balm. We have you covered! We have two really cool brands to tell you about: VIBRATE BEAUTY and VYVYD STUDIO.

Inspired by the vibrations of Seoul, VIBRATE BEAUTY is a new-age cosmetics brand that aims to be the guiding light in finding your true self. Available in five shades, these lipsticks are matte and help to finish your favorite look with a sophisticated touch.

VYVYD STUDIO’s philosophy is that color can change everything and captures the vivid moments to create makeup products with compelling intensity. The lively colors give off an electrifying energy to allow anyone to release their inner artist through the means of makeup and express themselves to the fullest.

National Lipstick Day is July 29th and we are celebrating by running an exclusive 48-hour sale on our lip products! Don’t miss out on a chance to buy all the products in this post (and more) to honor your lips!


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