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by Abby C. on May 25, 2023
Director Phi has been analyzing cosmetic ingredients and recommending ethical cosmetics through her Youtube channel. As a seven-year veteran, she has launched her own brand called "The Phi Essential”. The Phi Essential, developed through analyzing big data on recommended products such as ingredients, concentrations, formulations, texture, and effects, aims to establish itself as the top ethical cosmetics brand based on the trust built off of Director Phi's work.

The Phi Sunflower Cleansing Oil

Looking for a cleansing oil that is created with ingredients that moisturize and gently protect dry, damaged skin and help with cleansing? This cleansing oil is created with a very clean formula, that effectively removes makeup and wastes.

The Phi Hyaluronic Moisture Barrier Cream

A refreshing moisturizing cream containing 10-layered hyaluronic acid, which helps to charge and soothe moisture and strengthen barriers such as panthenol.

The Phi Cica Beta Ampoule to Foam Cleanser

This foam cleanser is created using a hydrating ampoule type formula that leaves moisture and cleanses the dense bubbles. Scrub-a-dub-dub all your impurities with this gentle cleanser with this new concept cleanser that combines only the advantages of anionic surfactants with excellent cleaning power and nonionic surfactants with low skin irritation.
The Phi Cica Allan First Essence

We all enjoy a good cleanse. But sometimes the cleansing forgets to remove all the impurities, which is why this essence is perfect for any routine. This essence removes residual waste from the skin that lightly wipes away the skin texture with water essence, and helps to care for dead skin cells and sebum.

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by TerryCilia on October 09, 2023

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