TheBOIBOY is now here at Coréelle!

by Abby C. on April 12, 2023
TheBOIBOY is a unique, intuitive brand of skincare designed specifically for those looking for those who want to revamp their skincare routine to something more hip and unique. With a genderless design and line of products, TheBOIBOY aims to deliver trendy cosmetics to all genders and people of all ages.

Daily Shaving Foam
A shaving foam that provides both shaving and cleansing effects on the skin when used.
All Day Vitaplum Dark Spot Toning Pad

A set of toning pads that get rid of blemishes and add radiance to the skin.
All in One Essence

An all in one essence to take care of all your skincare needs by proving hydration and keeping your oil levels in check.
Daily Panthenol Repair Sun Cream

A sun cream infused with panthenol to repair the skin and provide sun protection when applied.

TheBOIBOY encourages one to be beautiful and uniquely oneself. With this message, TheBOIBOY’s list of unique skincare products are appealing aesthetically with the hip orange packaging and give results. Get TheBOIBOY and more today and Coréelle!
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by Floy on April 18, 2023

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